Hawks or hand boards, whatever you call them (and there’s unquestionably a North/South partition on that discussion), each plasterer needs one. They are straightforward in outline and to the untrained eye they all appear to be identical. In spite of the fact that there’s a set shape, the contrasts between makers run a great deal further than simply the name.

Metal hawks can feel stronger in the hand than a plastic one and are somewhat heavier. Plastic hawks are lighter and may flex a little however they are easy to work with and produce less strain to hold throughout the day. More seasoned plasterers who work a packed, full time, schedule may find that plastic hawks are less demanding on the hand and wrist than a metal one. Plastic hawks are additionally a decent starting piece for a learner plasterer orĀ  DIYer, as they are less expensive than metal ones and the furrowed surface helps hold the plaster on the surface, regardless of whether it is held at a slight angle. Becoming acclimated to holding the hawk in the correct position can take time, so a plastic one is an extraordinary tool for learning and not wasting valuable plaster.

The other benefit to picking a plastic hawk over a metal one is the cost. They are less expensive, so in the event that they are lost or left behind somewhere they can be effectively and efficiently replaced both due to the low cost and the facy that they are accessible from most DIY stores. Some people really don’t like the constant sound of metal scraping and clanging on metal and may prefer the quieter sound offered by the plastic hawk.

Metal hawks are obviously tougher than plastic and will last longer, and there are some with a furrowed surface to help inexperienced plasterers losing their freshly mixed gear right off the surface. Most reputable companies produce a range of products giving you the choice of size, weight and working surface area. With everything taken into account, the choice of metal or plastic is an individual decision. There are positives and negatives associated with both it just depends what you are searching for.

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